The kart drivers wearing obligingly helmet and one-use cap through the helmet for hygienic reasons. Also they can use overalls, jacket, gloves and collars.


In Kartland take place events like company events, kart events from motorsports clubs, children’s parties, events on traffic education etc. If you wish to organize your own event in our area we will be glad to assist you. For more information you can contact us via e-mail or by calling the company.


The karts have timing sensors for automatic recording through PC. At the end of each route, the drivers can be informed analytically about the times, fastest laps and also the average time of each driver.


In 1999, Nikos Antoniou founded the KARTLAND Ltd. and began the effort to creating kart track, with European standards in order to combine excellent fun and safety.

The KARTLAND Ltd. with the automatic timing, the different kart categories (200cc, 270cc, 400cc) and with the necessary equipment, provides strong driving kart experience with high standards. There are special prices for students, large families and the unemployed.