Traffic Education and Road Safety

Traffic education is very essential for every age group as it concerns our everyday life and our health in general.

Traffic education should be a part of the learning process in order to avoid accidents.

Therefore, in KARTLAND there are programs for the students of primary and secondary school.

1) The program for primary school students is an interactive game, with very interesting activities and amazing constructions.

The aim of this program is for children to understand the concepts of Traffic Education, so they could behave properly and act safe in the streets of the city as pedestrians, as cyclists or as passengers in a vehicle.

2) The program for secondary school students includes the presentation of important elements of Traffic Education. Then they can participate in kart driving and it would easier for them to understand everything they have learned from the presentation.

The aim of this program is for students to feel the importance of being users of the traffic system in order to interact in the right way.

For any further information please feel free to contact with event manager Mrs. Sofia Antoniou.